I'm just me.

I want the things & people around me to be genuine.

I'm a perfectionist who hates to have things too perfect and harbors an undying love for old, worn-smooth wood & turquoise furniture with chipped paint.

I love big bold colors & white paint scares me
(but I'm warming up to it — slowly).

I tend to get obsessive when it comes to my projects or an idea.

I constantly have to keep myself in check — Am I really putting the things/people who ARE most important to me first? or am I keeping myself so busy that they've become second to something that truly is second to me?

A little girl named Cora Paige changed the way my life looks.

I create because I have to.

I enjoy the challenge & learning things. I get exactly what I want. I have a one-of-a-kind. I can't justify paying a marked up price for something I could make myself & usually make it better. If you met my family, you'd realize I never really had a chance to do otherwise! It never gets old hearing "You made that!?!?!"

I'm learning to find the beauty in the little, everyday mundane details.

I value deep friendships and could spend hours talking with you over a cup of coffee.

Or tea.

Or a bottle of wine.

You decide.