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FAQ & Policies

How do I get you my fingerprints?

Once you've placed your order, I'll be sending you a packet with instructions on how to go about taking your fingerprint, what all I will need from you and where you need to mail it.

How long does it take to get my artwork?

Each paper cutting I create is custom made just for you, by hand — which means that it does take a little while, but I think you'll find it is worth the wait! Currently, it can take between 6–8 weeks to complete your artwork once I received your fingerprints. This is subject to change depending on how many orders I may have at any given time.

I'd like to have my Paper Cutting by a specific date. Can you guarantee that I will get it in time?

Cut Paper Fingerprint Art make wonderful gifts and are perfect for celebrating the special occasions in your life. If you would like to receive your work by a specific date, please make me aware of this in the notes section when you are checking out. However, I cannot guarantee the completion of your order by any date, though I will keep it in mind as I'm working. For that reason, make sure that you give me plenty of time to meet your goal date when ordering.

Any suggestions on framing my paper cutting?

I think the great thing about paper cuttings is that they can be really versatile — depending on how you frame it, it can really change the tone or style of the work. Also, this is all probably pretty subjective, so in the end, just make sure it makes you happy & go with it!

There are quite a few options that would look great. You could use a floating frame — 2 pieces of glass that sandwich the artwork in between, you can frame just the artwork with any variety of background to show through the cut-out area, or you could do the same and add a matte around it.

The color of the frame depends entirely on your aesthetics & the decor in which you'll be adding the piece into. As for what to put behind the artwork, you can go as simple or crazy as you would like! Anything from a cream or light grey paper to create a tone-on-tone look, to a high-contrast black. I like the idea of placing a very thin (1/8"–ish) piece of wood behind it as I love the look of the wood grain peeking through, or maybe even wrapping a board, piece of chipboard or something similar with a linen fabric. If there's a particular place that is meaningful to you, perhaps a map could offer an interesting backdrop.

Also, taking the artwork to a custom framer could be a good option. They could offer up some ideas as well.